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Best Snapchat Tricks of 2017Snapchat is a new trendy way of messaging in current scenario with a hell lot of features, Snapchat has tremendously grown and it is competing with other topnotch apps in the market but you might be still unaware of the tricks and stuffs can be performed with snapchat so here I am sharing some snapchat tricks which you would be loved to try out. Here we are going to list down all the special tricks and tips we use daily. So grab a cup of coffee and don’t skip any of them.

Top 10 Best Snapchat Tricks

1. Save data through Travel Mode

snapchat tricks travel mode


It is really fun using snapchat on a home/office WiFi but if you are traveling out, you can’t use WiFi everywhere. You have to use your mobile data and trust me it will drain out your data plan very quickly. That’s why snapchat introduced a feature named “Travel Mode“. This will reduce the data usage by hiding all the snaps and stories by default. You have to click on individual story to open it and only that story will get loaded. SO you are saving a lot of data with this “Travel Mode“. To enable the Travel Mode you have to go to Settings > Manage > Check Travel Mode. This will hide all the snaps by default. Whenever you are back to a WiFI network, you can Uncheck Travel Mode to get back to normal.

2. Take brighter picture in night

If you are in a party and all the picture you take goes ugly because of dim light. This will spoil the fun. Here with snapchat you can take brighter photos even in low light. The snapchat app have a built-in night mode which helps you to take good quality pictures in low light. This mode is automatically gets activated when there is no sufficient light to take pictures. Just cover the camera if you want to use this feature in day light. This snapchat trick is really useful, fine stay awake and continue reading the below snapchat tricks too

3. Make selfies hilarious with cool Lenses

With lots of cool lenses you can customize your pic to express almost anything. These lenses will work on photos and videos taken from front camera only. All you have to do is to “hold in the center of the front camera viewfinder” to get the list of all the lenses available. Choose any of them to make it look your way. The lenses will instruct you to do whatever needed. Follow those instructions.

4. Send photos from Gallery

Snapchat recently announced this feature. Now you can send the pics from your gallery. All you have to do is to select the image. But you can only send pics from gallery when you are inside a chat. To send gallery pics, tap the yellow button to open the camera. On the right side, you will find an icon which will take you to the gallery to select the image.

5. Get secured with login verification

snapchat tricks login verification


Being on the safe side is always advisable. And when you are taking about sensitive media like photos and videos, it is always recommended to make sure you are completely immune to threats. With the login verification of snapchat, you will make sure that no one except you open your snapchat. This is uses an SMS verification like all other apps. However you can also use some authentication apps to do this. To enable the login verification in snapchat you have to go to Settings > Login Verification then tap on the Continue at the bottom of the page. And next follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Control Camera with volume buttons

When you are taking group selfie or something like that. You might face difficulty tapping the capture button. That’s why snapchat let you capture you moments with the volume keys. To capture a pic, press any volume key. And to record a video, hold down the volume key.

7. Start live video chat

Doing this is really easy and you might know this already. But if you don’t here is the way. When you are talking to a person (both of you must be online) you will see a blue button. Just hold it down and also ask the person hold the glowing blue button. The video call will be continued until both of you hold down the hold down the button. To end the video call, just release the button and it will end.

8. Re-scale invert emoji and text

Not only snapchat but on every messaging app. Emoji makes the talking fun and more realistic. You can now understand the feeling of other side. But here in snapchat we can resize the emoji to a bigger of smaller one. We can also invert the emoji i.e upside down. This is a simple feature and many of you might already know this. Just add the emoji and pinch to zoom in or out the emoji and pan your finger to rotate it. Same way you can pinch to zoom in and out the text place on you pic and pan your finger to rotate it.

9. Add background music to your videos

This sounds little odd but you can. There is no official method for this but there is a simple hack which you can use to get your music recorded when you are capturing a video. All you have to do is to play the desired music in your phone using any background music player in your phone and then record the video. The video recorded will now play the music as background to the video.

10. Delete your Snapchat account completely

snapchat tricks delete account


At any moment you decided not to continue your journey with snapchat, you can delete your account completely. Just uninstalling the app won’t delete your account from their database. To delete it completely, you have to go to this link and log in to your account. Afterwards you have to click on “Delete Account” to get yourself off from snapchat. Also note that if you deleted you account, there is no way to get it back again. You cannot undo this.

Final Words on Snapchat Tricks

You’re done reading our snapchat tricks blog post now if you think it was worth reading then feel free to share it on your social media profiles. If you think we are missing out something, you can let us know by dropping a comment below. Let us know you views on this one.


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