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Hey folks do you want to use Facebook social media sites .do you know how to create Facebook account and its login procedure to connect and chat with everyone in this world .if not then i am going to teach you how to create and login into Facebook account. firstly i want to tell you if you are under age of 13 please don't create because Facebook don't allow you. if you are youngster then you can.  before account creation and login procedure we should know how facebook born and what position facebook have gain till now .facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his college mates  Andew McCollum,Chris Huges,Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin in 2004 .when facebook lounched it was only for college students but the time passes it become popular and goes viral among the world thats why you people also know about this sits and want to use it. now facebook has millions of user and visitors per day world wide .and its second most visiting sites after google search engine . now come to the main point on step by step procedure how to create and login into facebook account.
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For sign up facebook account you need a email address or mobile number without it you don;t create facebook account .if you have then you need to fill all the detail like name email pasword birth date gender etc and click on create an account GREEN buton as shown in below figure

For create facebook Account Follow the below procedure
  • Go to the official site of faceook or
  • you will see the coloumn to fill detail  like name email mobile no ,password ,date of birth,gender
  • Now after filling detaiis click on create account 
  • After creation facebook account facebook will ask to fill all your profile details if you want to do after then skip all steps
  • Now facebook will ask to verify you account . so you need to verify with either email or mobile no which you hace used in account creation 
  • after verify your Facebook account  You will able to use your account 
SO You Have Learn How to Create FACEBOOK account .now after creation facebook account remember your email or mobile no and password for further use  .now we will learn how to login after creating facebook Account. login Facebook Account

For login into fb account  you need to fill your registerd email or mobile and  password  as shown in below figure  here is the step-by-step procedure
1)First go to 
2)and enter the detail in upper right side in black coloumn
3)after enter the details click on login Blue button as below

so all you  have  learn  from create to login facebook account now you can enjoy and connecting with any one in the world .from facebook you can chat send files videoes messages  photos and many more  .for more  you google it about facebook  features and comming features .

conclusion: this was the tutorial about how to facebook born and how to sign up and login facebook account if you have any doubt about facebook login and sign up feel free to ask and please dont forget to share it with you friends and other social media sites and Groups
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

West Bengal WB JEE 2016 Admit card Download

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The West Bengal joint entrance examination at a glance
In West Bengal, there is a lot of construction work going on. So, as a basic understanding, engineers would be necessary in order to conduct the work. So, one could possibly say that there is a good scope of engineering for the people studying in West Bengal. However, just like most of the important things in the world, there is a lack of supply but a lot of demand. So, engineers are definitely something that is coveted in West Bengal.
So, what is necessary for a student to become an engineer in West Bengal?

 wbjee admit card
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To become an engineer, they would need to first understand the primary criteria behind this initiative. Well, the WBJEE admit card and exam date is something that is to be taken into account at the very beginning. The examination will be conducted on 17 May 2016, and admissions will be going on for various branches of engineering, medicine, architecture and also for a lot of other courses to be found in West Bengal.
What you do need to understand is that you can get the admit cards from the official website starting from 3 May, and it will continue till the last date of the examination. So, downloading it is only going to help you get the best out of the pertinent situation.
How can you download the admit card?
·         The first thing you need to do is to log onto the official website
·         After that, visit the homepage, and click on the “WBJEE admit card 2016 link provided in the page.
·         Enter all the relevant details that are to be required in order for you to download the admit card.
·         After entering the details, you need to click on the submit button.
·         The admit card will then be displayed upon your screen, and you would be able to download that particular admit card and get a printout that is to be taken to the venue of the examination.
In case there are any kind of problems in the admit card, then you would need to get that mentioned early on. This way, the authorities will be able to change any kind of typographical errors, and will be able to provide you with the correct admit card within a very short amount of time. However, if you leave it be, then in case there are any kind of discrepancies, then the authorities will not be responsible for any kind of action taken by the examination management.
However, there is a lot of talk about the people that look forward to the WBJEE admit card and exam date. Most of the people think that there is a lot of time, and they will easily be able to progress in their studies. However, as the day goes by, they would have a hard time concentrating on their studies which in fact is going to lead to a lot of problems in the near future. So, as a student, study as soon as possible, and as early as you can.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Best Uses Of Drones

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Drones has become latest toy for next gen folks for making their life easy because these mini drones are useful in many ways. They have been in use for many years but now days its has been taking speed in the usage of drones , in fact intel google and many other big companies have started testing drones for delivery purposes to easy out the delivery process .

So come on folks let’s take a look at most prominent purposes of best drones use for people to enjoy their life with their friends ,kids and family with these mini drones .
1. VideoGraphy
Flying Drones and UAV’s is also terribly useful for making  a video of a marriage or any perform from the very best to urge complete coverage with none difficulties of wires continuous  on the lowest between the foots of people .with these drones you can also make videos via your iphone easily and view hd videos easily on your devices
More over with drone you will be able to produce videos of areas out of reach by humans which they will even be accustomed cowl a sporting event like cricket, WWE etc. for video coverage with best angles by using gopro drone .
2. PhotoGraphy
With the help of mini drones you will be able to take some cool photos and selfies of yourself and completely different places that unit of measurement on the so much facet your reach .
you can see from inside your house ,who’s their inside the road roaming and one thing on your Roof with the camera connected to the drones .
It may rather be in addition utilised by explorers and journey seekers to capture variety of the mountain first-rate and shallow valleys for superb photography .
3. Exploration
Mini Drones , Big Drones is also utilised in exploring undiscovered elements of the globe that are not yet reached by human for locating some new things. Also adventurers can use it to explore varied fully completely different close to  areas in their expeditions in varied regions around the world .
4. Delivery
Using mini Drones for delivery functions might be a cool plan, isn’t it .
Now days many corporations like amazon etc have started testing use of drones for delivering varied product and various things what's a lot of you will be able to in addition use drones in your homes for delivery functions like for bring a bottle of wine from your area to your garden once you unit of measurement enjoying the party beside your Friends inside the Sunday evening . to grasp a lot of regarding these best drones used for delivery functions visit mini drone
5. Research
Mini drones is also utilised in analysis work and studies like in life animal studies to see their behaviours in extreme forest areas can give USA good insight regarding them and behaviour in many conditions .
Also UAV’s is also utilised in analysis of various most distance area that can't be reached by human
6. News
With the social media spreading most and wide in our lives and completely different news corporations fighting to urge most spicy and authentic news for his or her new channels ,people can produce use of drones to capture the images and build video of crowed areas or restricted areas where human are not allowed or can go there as a results of big crowd .
drone is also terribly facilitate in capturing top of the range videos and footage for news functions with its high definition camera connected to its Body.
7. Disaster Relief services
Now days drones unit of measurement utilised in big numbers by government for disaster relief services like finding any survivors in radiation zones , sending food for folk in out of reach disaster hit zones and much to avoid wasting folks lives from the disaster .taking footage of disaster hit zone etc
So I hope you liked our collection of top uses of various types of mini drone which will make these toy of kids and adults in the coming days to get most of their play time and enjoy with their kids .
 Anyone can use these nano drone ,also they can be used by next gen kids for playing with these flying toys ,many parents buy these for their kids for their birthdays and Christmas to make their children happy and spread joy all around the world

Monday, November 2, 2015

Top 100+ Free Proxy Sites List Free Proxy Server List 2016

Posted by Amit kumar sinha

There are places where you will not be able to access all your favorite sites like Facebook or YouTube because they have been banned or blocked. But if you want to still use these sites then you can use the best proxy servers available to you to access all the blocked websites. The free proxy servers list I am going to tell you in this post will allow you to open any website which is banned in schools, colleges, offices and even the ones blocked by your ISP, government and WiFi. So let’s see how these websites work.

If you think that only your ISP or other organization can block the websites and not allow you to visit them then you are wrong because the website owner might also restrict access to his websites in certain regions. The best way to access these websites is to use one of the best VPN services but not all the VPN sites are free. So you need to learn about the best proxy sites that are free and easy to use. I have faced such situation many times and if you too face a situation like this ever again then you can use one of these proxy websites and access the blocked sites.

What Are Proxy Servers and Why to Use Them?

YouTube is the best and the only place where you can find videos on any topic but there’s a catch. The website is not available in all the countries and is banned or blocked in some. If it is blocked in your country then you won’t be able to access the site. The similar thing happens because YouTube is mostly blocked in schools, colleges and offices as well but there are ways to unblock YouTube and access it.
According to WikiPedia, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.
free best proxy servers sites list
It basically means that when you use a proxy server then it will act as an intermediary and ask for all the information from the website that you want to visit and then the proxy server will deliver all the information to your server making it easy to access the blocked websites.
The main reason you should start using the best free proxy sites is that it not only helps you in accessing the blocked websites but it also allow you to surf the Internet anonymously. So when you visit any website, none of your information will be collected and stored. Now that you know the advantages and benefits of using proxy servers, let’s see the list of the best of such sites.

Best Proxy Servers – List of 100+ Free Proxy Sites (2016)

  1. Hide My Ass –
  2. Proxify –
  3. Ninja Cloak –
  4. Free YouTube Proxy –
  5. AnonyMouse –
  6. 4everproxy –
  7. Proxy –
  8. Don’t Filter –
  9. Change IP & Country –
  10. New Ip Now –
  11. Free Open Proxy –
  12. Unlock My Web –
  13. Rapid Proxy –
  14. VTunnel –
  15. Hidden Digital Info –
  16. Fast USA Proxy –
  17. Just Proxy –
  18. Unblock YouTube Free –
  19. HideOnline Proxy –
  20. Hide The Internet –
  21. Stardoll Proxy –
  22. PRO Unblock –
  23. German Proxy –
  24. Web Proxy Free –
  25. To Proxy –
  26. HideMyAss UK –
  27. IP Switcher –
  28. You Liaoren –
  29. Proxy Browse –
  30. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  31. CA Proxies –
  32. London Proxy –
  33. Proxys –
  34. PHProxy –
  35. Saoudi Proxy –
  36. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  37. Intern Cloud –
  38. Canada Proxy –
  39. Justun Block IT –
  40. Travel VPN –
  41. Kr Proxy –
  42. Singapore Proxy –
  43. Pro Intern –
  44. Zacebook PK –
  45. US Proxy –
  46. Network ByPass –
  47. Surf for Free –
  48. Europe Proxy –
  49. Stealth Proxy –
  50. Host App –
  51. Work Host –
  52. Hide N Seek –
  53. US Proxy –
  54. Fast Time –
  55. Brazil Proxy –
  56. Proxy Call MeNames –
  57. Private Surf –
  58. Free YouTube –
  59. ProxyOne –
  60. See Proxy –
  61. Korea Proxy –
  62. Defilter –
  63. Hiding Your Info –
  64. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  65. Fish Proxy –
  66. Greatest Free Proxy –
  67. Can’t Block This –
  68. VPN Browse –
  69. Suede Proxy –
  70. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  71. F4FP –
  72. Fast School Proxy –
  73. 1FreeProxy –
  74. America Proxy –
  75. Remove Filters –
  76. ViewTube –
  77. FB Proxies –
  78. DZ Hot –
  79. PK Proxy –
  80. Spedo –
  81. Hope Proxy –
  82. Just Unblock It –
  83. Xite Now –
  84. Orange Proxy –
  85. Rexoss –
  86. Free Publick Proxy –
All the above proxy servers are free to use and mostly safe to browse. However, you should always take care of your personal information when using such sites. A much safer option would be to use a VPN service to access blocked websites.
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I hope that you liked the article and all the best proxy servers list that I made so that you can access all the websites no matter where you are. These free proxy sites will help you in unblocking the blocked websites and enjoy the content. Share the article with your friends and let them know about these sites as well!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top 3 Creative Ways To Earn Money Online From Internet

Posted by tech world

Are you thinking to be an enterprerner? i,e earning opportunity from home  and want to spent more time with your family, there are so many lucrative ways to earn money from internet without spending a dim. such like freelance writing, data entry, email reading, tutoring,  survey work  designing ,programming and many more   internet is a blaze of money and internet are becoming very vast day by day also and this way opportunity also increasing  if we do work in right directions  with best inputs you will easily earn online so, i don't want to waste your time and discussing about top 3 creative ways to earn money online from home..


1.Earn money From Freelance writing

the freelance writing is a best opportunity to earn money from home with great writing skills and dedication on your work many writers hesitates  or if says there is a fear in his mind to do work they ask himself can i really make money? we want to say that it is hundred percent possible but these assertion is based on different aspects and experience  such like as revenue sharing sites it means you have to write for other  websites or blogs they don't give you money directly they pay on revenue . you can also make own websites or blogs  and writes articles on them called blogging ,selling your own works,writing articles for institutions or schools and colleges . there are many websites available on internet for freelance writing in which top websites list we are providing you...


Try these websites for finding freelancing works. you can also try you writing skills in ebook and sell them on ebay or amazon  and you will defiantly earn handsome money from it

2.Online Tutoring

online tutoring is also a best way to earn money on internet without investment . interested people in online coaching/tutoring they can earn real money per hour because internet is an essential part of educations and resourcess of many things in different aspets  .if you have knowledge and best qualifications cerificates in particular or any subjects then you can share your experience with students by teaching them and you could earn money online. many people have required to problem solving,home work help. technical help so you help the people in right way  here is the best online tutoring sites list


Websites for indians

there are so many sites for online tutoring were you can help and earn mony generaly  tutoring hourly rate is 10$-100$ per hour so you  will definatly earn money from online home tutoring..

3.Renting your free space

Online renting marketplace is also a great online money making platforms . if you have free car parking space
flat renting, garden space then you can rent then for particular time or day .if you home is near auto/bus stand,railwaystation or airport  then provide free space to them on cheap price  you can rent you flat  to tourist of foreign persons  rent you field or garden  for production of flowers, vegitables and useful trees which comes in ours daily life , on more things if you have a blog then you can also  give free advertising space in you wesites or blogs  to advertisers


Here is the websites list of  car parking

wesites for renting ad space is


also there are so many ways to earn money from internet is such as clicking ads. email reading. afiliated marketings, websites flipping, data entry,  survey works  , programming , web designing   etc.. hence choose one which best suit to you..


so here conclusion is that  if you have knowledge in any things in which you can enjoy your work with great effort and right time  you will earn big money from internet

Monday, October 12, 2015

How To Download Facebook Videos | Free Facebook Videos Download

Posted by Amit kumar sinha
Facebook is very trending and top most popular social networking sites among the world . millions of people use Facebook daily to chat and share their thoughts with friends and relatives .Facebook has awesome tool and  to promote their products also people can also create cartoons apps and videos on their Facebook accounts many people create videos and they don't want how to download Facebook videos . I am going to revel the tricks to download Facebook videos without using any software


Learn  How To Download Facebook videos :

  • >> click on the videos which you want to download
  • >> find your Facebook video link in the top like shown in below figure.

  • >> Now highlight the link  and remove  http://www  and replace it by 
  • >> Link will look like this
  • >> highlight the URL and hit enter it will redirect you to mobile version Facebook sites
  • >> play the videos and right click on video and go save as and click on them
  • >> that's it your video is now downloaded on you computer .mp 4 files

How simple is the tricks  to download Facebook  videos .i hope you have learn the tricks to download Facebook videos.please share it into your friends if you think that this is useful for you .visits regularly for more awesome  and amazing  articles related to technology